What is Drainfield Rejuvenation in University Place?

drainfield rejuvenation university placeHave you considered drainfield rejuvenation? If your home or business in University Place uses a septic system, updating your drainfield can help it operate more efficiently.

How the Process Works

A long, narrow probe is inserted into the soil using a pneumatic hammer.  Air is forced through the probe to fracture the soil. The air breaks up clogs, allowing the drainfield to filter waste water better.

Who It’s For

Drainfield rejuvenation is offered to both residential and commercial entities all over the United States and Canada. It’s appropriate for systems located in various climates and with different soil types.

Features & Benefits

Some of the most significant features of the drainfield rejuvenation process include decreasing the cost for installing and maintaining your system. Another benefit is the rapid restoration of septic system functionality. The process also improves the removal of pathogens, nitrogen and phosphorus. Most importantly, rejuvenation does minimal disruption to existing property.

Interested in Drainfield Rejuvenation in University Place?

When your drain field is failing, you may have been told you need a full replacement. While a replacement is sometimes needed, rejuvenation is most often more than enough to get your drain field back up and running. You can count on DrainTech Northwest LLC in Tacoma to help. Call today to meet with one of our technicians. Our team has a reputation for providing quality workmanship and unbeatable customer care on every job, big or small. As the most trusted solution in the area, we have the skills and equipment to assist with all of your plumbing and septic needs. From drain cleaning and septic repair to sewer line camera inspections, we have you covered!

Expert Drainfield Rejuvenation Services in University Place

Serving Tacoma, University Place, Spanaway, Puyallup, Graham, Orting, Bonney Lake & Lakewood

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