Are You in Need of Professional Sewer Repair in Tacoma?

sewer repair in tacoma

If you’re experiencing problems with your home’s plumbing, there are times when it’s important to get professional sewer repair in Tacoma. It’s best to catch repair needs early when your sewer line is involved so your entire system isn’t compromised, because having it replaced is extremely expensive. Here’s what to watch for.

Fluctuating Water Levels

If the water level in your toilet fluctuates–it’s low one day and high the next–it could be a simple fix. In a worst-case scenario, your sewer line vent could be clogged, which requires a professional inspection. There are multiple possibilities; instead of playing detective and trying to solve the case yourself, call a reliable plumber.

Smelly, Soggy Yard

Sewer lines can leak or rupture just like any other plumbing pipe. It doesn’t happen too often, but when it does the consequences can be severe. If you notice wet spots, smelly areas, or soggy, sunken areas in your lawn, your lateral connection may be leaking. 

Consistently Slow Drains

If drain cleaning has no impact on the speed at which water drains in your home, you probably need sewer repair. You may also notice gurgling noises from your pipes as water runs through them.  

Looking for Sewer Repair in Tacoma?

When you need a sewer repair expert in Tacoma, contact us at DrainTech Northwest LLC to schedule an appointment! We provide expert advice, quality workmanship and great customer care. Our highly-trained and experienced team will assist you with all of your plumbing needs. We have the knowledge, skills and equipment necessary to perform maintenance or repair service quickly and efficiently. You can also count on our company for digital video pipe inspections and septic system maintenance.

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