Maintaining Your Drains after Professional Drain Cleaning in Lakewood

maintaining your drains lakewoodHave you recently had your drains cleaned in Lakewood? Maintaining your drains between cleanings is a great way to keep your system functioning well, and you won’t need to clean them as often.

Watch What Goes Down the Drains

It’s vital that you be careful about what you put down your drains. Whether it’s your kitchen sink, toilet or bathtub, take steps to prevent debris from entering the system, especially non-biodegradable items. Investing in a drain gate or screen can drastically decrease your need for drain cleaning services.

Avoid Over-the-Counter Cleaners

Over-the-counter chemical cleaners aren’t designed with the longevity of your pipes in mind. In fact, some of the chemicals can actually cause significant damage over time, and pipes could require more expensive repair. Plungers can be effective for dislodging clogs in sinks, toilets, and showers. Ensure you have a proper seal around the drain before using the plunger.

An Important Weekly Key to Maintaining Your Drains in Lakewood

Take a few minutes to run hot water down your drains every week. This is particularly important for your bathroom drains. Taking this simple step can help clear away any buildup in the pipes and prevent clogs from developing.

Need to Schedule Professional Drain Cleaning in Lakewood?

While these tips can help maintain your system between service appointments, annual professional cleanings are recommended. The highly trained and experienced team at DrainTech Northwest in Tacoma can keep your drains running smoothly. We provide a wide variety of services, including drain cleaning, septic system maintenance, septic repair and sewer line camera inspections. Depend on us for expert advice and quality workmanship on every job. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Expert Help Maintaining Your Drains in Lakewood

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