3 Times When a Video Pipe Camera Can Save You Money in Spanaway


Clogged, smelly, leaky and corroded drains and pipes aren’t just a hassle. They can drive further damage leading to expensive repairs, and if left unattended, they can also affect the structure of your home and the wellness of your family. Learn when a video pipe camera can benefit you in diagnosing and resolving drain and pipe problems.

You’re Buying a House

Before purchasing a home, a video inspection of the pipes can reveal hidden plumbing issues that a standard home inspection might miss. Discovering problems early can save you from unexpected repair costs later, and they can help you negotiate a better real estate deal. 

You Have a Persistently Clogged Drain

The images captured by a camera can precisely locate the source of persistent clogs, rather than guessing and potentially causing further damage or incurring additional costs. Identifying the cause of frequent clogs–such as tree roots, damaged pipes or buildup–allows for more effective long-term solutions, reducing frequent and costly repairs.

You Need Non-Invasive Diagnostics for Pipe Leaks & Blockages

 Using a specialty camera eliminates the need to open walls, floors or ceilings to locate leaks or blockages, preserving the integrity of your home and saving on repair costs for these surfaces. Quickly identifying the problem reduces the time and labor costs associated with traditional methods of finding leaks or blockages.

Interested in Using a Video Pipe Camera at Your Spanaway Home?

When it comes to using a video pipe camera, there’s no one better than the plumbers and plumbing technicians from DrainTech Northwest LLC. We know how important it is to keep your home’s pipe and plumbing systems working well, and so our drain cleaning, septic services and digital video pipe inspections are second-to-none. Don’t let concerns about the pipes in your home give you another sleepless night. Contact us today!

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